Frequently Asked Questions

I do not currently accept insurance, but I can provide you with a what’s known as a “Superbill” which will have all of the billing information completed so you can submit it to your insurance or HSA for reimbursement.

There may be additional costs if we conclude that laboratory would be helpful for informing therapy decisions. Laboratory tests can be done in collaboration with your physician and billed to insurance, or they can be done through an independent laboratory for an additional cost. I will never do testing that I feel is unnecessary or extraneous; we will only do testing if it will provide us with actionable information. There may also be supplements that I will recommend as part of your healing journey, which will be an additional cost to you. I will always give recommendations for the most cost effective supplementation.

Maybe. Many people are very concerned that they will have to give up certain foods, beverages, or behaviors. Trust me, I know that changing habits is difficult, and I also know that it’s very worthwhile. Almost every aspect of our health can be modified by food and lifestyle changes, and the benefit of feeling healthier, stronger, and more vital will far outweigh any losses you experience.

Teaching is something I love to do in various contexts. Please contact me below, and we can discuss the opportunity.