Eating, we all do it every day, so why does it seem so difficult sometimes, and does it really matter all that much?

The answer to the latter question is what drives the former: Yes, it matters greatly. Every food we eat has an effect on our whole body, and because of that, it means that eating well can be more complicated than simply picking foods off a shelf or a menu. I want to help you discover the ways that changing what you put in your body can change the way you feel, think, and act.

Nutrition matters regardless of age or life stage, and I love to work with both adults and children. While weight loss is a common reason to seek nutritional therapy, there are many other problems that we can work through together:

  • Managing chronic disease (diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.)
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Hormonal imbalances & infertility
  • Behavioral problems, ADHD, Autism spectrum
  • Ways we can work together

    Initial interview

    30 mins - $35

    An opportunity to meet with me and ask questions. Curious about how I might help you or why Functional Medicine is different? Schedule an hour long interview, we can talk—either in person or on the phone. I’ll answer any questions you have for me, and ask few as well.

    • Come ready with questions
    • If you decide to work with me after the interview, it will be credited to any future plans you purchase.
    • No follow-ups or additional communication
    • This will not include recommendations or a lifestyle plan

    1 Month Partnership

    3 sessions - $295

    Ready to dip you toes in and make some changes to start your health journey? We’ll get to know each other, do a thorough assessment, and create a starting plan for you to work. We’ll do a follow up a few weeks later to evaluate how things are going and determine what your next steps will be.

    • 90 minute Initial Consultation
      • Thorough Life and Health History
      • Nutrition Assessment
    • 1  30 minute follow-up session
    • Personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan
    • Unlimited communication with me

    3 Month Partnership

    7 sessions - $495

    Ready to dive in and explore how nutrition and lifestyle changes can transform your health? Working together in the long term will allow us to address your health concerns in the most comprehensive manner. We will be able to do the continual process of adjusting and modifying aspects of your health plan to best achieve your goals.

    • 90 minute Initial Consultation
      • Thorough Life and Health History
      • Nutrition Assessment
    • 5  30 minute follow-up sessions
    • Personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan
    • Unlimited communication with me


    Infant & Child Nutrition Class

    90 mins - $45

    Come join a conversation about feeding our children.  We’ll discuss first foods, transitioning to solids, baby-led weaning, and feeding toddlers, while looking at how to make feeding kids easier and more nutritious. We’ll also cover adding variety, dealing with picky eating, snacking, meeting nutrient needs, and we’ll leave plenty of time for questions and discussion.

    Prenatal Nutrition Class

    90 mins - $45

    Pregnant or hoping to get pregnant? Come learn about the importance of nutrition during pregnancy.  We’ll discuss foods to emphasize, things to avoid, important nutrients for pregnancy, and more. This is a great place to get questions answered and clear up confusion about eating for pregnancy.